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    Batch replacing Smart Objects


      Hi, everybody. Sorry for skipping the introduction, but I'd really like to solve this one as soon as possible.


      First off, I'm not new to Photoshop at all, but I've never encountered a request so simple as this one,

      yet so hard to complete (to me at least).


      Here it is - my client has about 40 PSDs with images of clothing items, but wants an Action Script that not only loads

      and places a logo onto them in accord to the item itself (as a T-shirt logo, ie.), but wants the option to change that logo every time.


      I've been through several attempts of handling this, some partially successful, but none completely,

      so I thought it might be a good idea to actually seek help at the right place (which, hopefully, is this forum ).


      Now, please, would anyone have an idea on how this can be solved? I'm thinking Smart Objects right now,

      but I really have no idea how can they be applied within this frames, and not sure if there really is a solution that can get the job done

      as well as my client hopes to.


      Any and all help is greatly appreciated, and questions are welcome as well.

      To note, I'm using Photoshop CS6.



      Nenad S.