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    *YET ANOTHER* Prores Gamma Shift Thread


      There is a gamma and color shift, rendering Prores4444, 422HQ, 422, LT, and Proxy out of After Effects CC 2014.0.2.

      It is apparent when viewing the renders from the Finder, Quicktime, or Premiere Pro CC 2014. I'm on OSX 10.8.3.


      I followed these instructions to deal with it, but they didn't help:



      I can get the footage to almost perfectly match by applying a gamma adjustment of .97, a blue gamma of 1.02 and green gamma of .98.

      When I render to TIFF or JPG, the render matches the AE viewport.


      My project's Working Space is set to None. If I set it to REC709, the Prores still have a gamma shift, and so do the JPG exports.

      Setting the "Match Legacy Quicktime" checkbox doesn't help either.

      The gamma shift doesn't just happen with motion graphics, but with regular footage too.

      It also happens when rendering out of Davinci Resolve, which tells me it may be an Apple problem, not an Adobe problem.

      This has been a problem with Prores for years.

      Is it fixed in OSX 10.9? How about in Yosemite?


      Is this just a fact of life for Prores? Should I switch to DNxHD?

      If I'm going to use Prores, should I render everything with an Adjustment Layer that cancels out the gamma and color shift?