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    XmlValidate using a schema with import statements

      I am running CFMX7.0.2 and I am trying to validate an XML document using XmlValidate against a schema that contains 4 import statements to additional .xsd files.

      XmlValidate seems to work fine if I use a simple schema to validate, but when using a schema with import statements, CF seems to choke on those imports.

      In CFMX6.1, I was using an MSXML COM object to perform this validation, with no problems, but I was looking forward to not having to use that COM object with CFMX7. The parse works on MX7 if I use the COM object BTW...

      We have also installed the lastest hotfixes, and the Sun JVM version 1.4.2_11.

      Has anyone else seen this problem, or have any ideas?