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    Kerning of ATTimes Numbers


      I'm using a Windows system and running InDesign CS6. We have to use the ATTimes font, quite married to it in fact, and every time we use numbers the kerning between the numerals is way too tight. Since these are cites in our documents there are lots of numbers in the documents and manually adding kerning would be too time consuming. Is there a patch or plug in out there to fix this? Apparently this is a ATTimes issue in all Adobe products. I do not have this issue in Word documents or Quark documents. Help please? Many thanks!!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          What is the source of this font? I don't see it listed anywhere when I do a google search.


          It is possible to adjust the TRACKING for any numeral pair (but not the kerning) in a character style. It will be time consuming and a real pain to set up, and a bit of a drag on the system, but you can create a series of character styles with different tracking values, then apply them as they seem to fit different digit pairs using GREP styles in your paragraph styles. For one or tow paragraphs, not worth the effort, but for a whole long document it will save you hours in the long run.

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            TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Have you tried optical kerning (or, if you're using optical kerning,

            have you tried setting the kerning to metrics?)?

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              Ostara1! Level 1

              Yeah, this is a type 1 font, i.e., it is *******' ANCIENT! I've Googled the living hello trying to find fixes for it. Right now I have to manually go through and adjust the kerning whenever my editor finds something she doesn't like the looks of. It's way tedious and I'm trying to find an acceptable alternative. Right now I'm advocating the big boss to let us switch to Times New Roman since it's virtually identical stylistically.

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                Ostara1! Level 1

                Yup. Right now I'm having to go through and manually add kerning to make my editor happy whenever she sees a number set she doesn't like the looks of. Usually this only happens when 0's, 1's or 2's are used. Tedious! Trying to get the powers that be to make the switch to Times New Roman but thought I would ask around to see if there was a patch or something.

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                  MW Design Level 5

                  Consider someone there using a font editor, converting it to TTF or OTF, fixing the kerning, etc. Or have someone else do it for y'all. It'll make your job easier.