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    PSE 10 organizer keeps freezing or running slow


      I have Photoshop Elements 10, & when running the organizer it has started running very slow and/or freezing & I have a hard time trying to scroll through my catalog. It does not do this all the time, but is very intermittent. It will run fine & then the next time I open to use it will freeze & run slow, then the next time it will run normal. When it runs bad/freezes it causes my newer computer to run very slow as well. Is there a fix for this issue?

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          Which operating system are you running on?


          It sounds like elements has started a background process which may either need to do a lot of work or has become corrupted.


          There are two main background tasks that I can think of, one is the generation of thumbnails. Are all of your images showing a thumbnail or do some have and egg timer?


          Another background task is the media analysis. Have you turned off all the options in the preferences? (Edit -> Preferences -> Media-Analysis)


          Which Display view are you in? Thumbnail view is usually better than Folder Location view.


          Fast scrolling (if you can) can sometimes cause a problem for the organizer to catch up.