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    sync error messages?


      I am trying to troubleshoot a Mobile sync error.  One of my photos was moved to the "sync errors" folder on my desktop (it remains in my iPhone).


      I read "the FAQ" here:Lightroom mobile FAQ


      It says: "Check the Catalog panel in Lightroom for an All Sync Errors entry. If the entry is there, resolve all the errors listed, and if the sync doesn't start automatically, try turning sync off and back on. Potential causes for errors include missing files, metadata conflicts, and damaged files."



      1. Where EXACTLY are the "errors listed" referred in the FAQ?  I can find no list of errors.
      2. HOW EXACTLY do I "turn off and back on" the syncing?  On the iPhone?  On the Desktop?  Is it folder specific or "system wide"?


      Thanks in advance!

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          greule Adobe Employee

          You can turn off the sync on Desktop (see the attached screenshot). To resolve a sync error just make a tiny change on the desktop to the photo an let it sync. You can also remove the photo and add afterwards again. Let me know if that helps - GuidoScreen Shot 2014-08-28 at 09.42.30.png