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    Can't log into Adobe Media Server Admin console


      I am trying to log into the Adobe Media Server Admin console. I am not trying to open it up from the AMS itself, and instead I am opening it from by desktop outside of the sever. I can see the AMS homepage, and I can click to launch the admin console. I am using the user named amsadmin and the password I gave it when i first created the AMS instance and logged in using a terminal session. It asked me to add a password for amsadmin and i gave it one. Now, when I try to log into the admin console, it denies me. I read that I had to use the same user name and password that I used to initially log into the AMS to first time it opened up Note, that I am trying to access this browser based console from outside of AMS. The index.html page comes up fine from the outside. So which user name and password should I use? This is also a linux cent os AMS which doubles the complications.