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    InDesign CS6 crashes and closes unexpectedly in Mac OS Mavericks


      Have you followed the instructions from Adobe, including using the Cleanup Tool from ADOBE and nothing worked.

      Working with InDesign on a Mac SPACE and during the alternations between the programs back to InDesign it simply closes the program.


      And when he returns, all settings return to their previous state starting from when you opened the program for the first time.


      The workspaces remain in the list, shortcuts too, but definitions sizes of custom pages, source generally used,
      initial state of colors, frame aplcation return to the stage of initial factory.


      This is very annoying. The Software is original and was paid dearly for it,

      considering that I live in Brazil.

      My MAC has 20GB of ram, quadcore i5 processor and operating system OS 10.9.4.


      Of all programs installed on Mac, InDesign is the ONLY program with this behavior.

      The INDESIGN is already driving me crazy with anger.


      Can anyone help me?

      I thank the attention.



      Maicon Albano