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    unable to log in to photoshop help

    RK93 Level 1

      I am unable to log in to the 'help' section in photoshop.

      When I click on it, it opens but then the screen goes black.

      I entered my Adobe user name and password and I get a 'clock' image and I cannot log in.

      I changed my password and it still does not work.

      What do I do?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          When I use F1 or Photoshop menu Help>Photoshop Online Help... . My default Web Browser start up on this link Photoshop Help | Photoshop Help. 

          My default Web browser also start up when I use menu Help>Photoshop Support center... on this page Learn Photoshop, get help and support | Adobe Photoshop CC

          My default Web browser also start up when I use menu Help>Browas Add-Ons... on this page https://creative.adobe.com/addons?pp=PHSP&ppv=15.1&locale=en

          You also failed to note which version of Photoshop and your machine environment.

          It may be that  there is a problem with you system configuration that executing a URL does not open a web browser.


          You wrote it opens but the screen goes black. Can you see what application opes? It should be a web browser or a new tab in a currently running web browser...


          You also wrote you enter your Adobe user name and password and get a clock.  You failed to state where you entered your Adobe Name and password.


          How did you change you password?


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