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    Silly questions are necessary when it comes to CC + CC 2014. Enjoy.

    grauenwölfe Level 2

      CC and CC 2014 have really been irritating in just the fact that they exist. The individual application discussion boards (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) are filled with questions about "Creative Cloud" issues more than they are about  the applications themselves. This is concerning.


      Anyway, I too have had my share of chat and phone support time with Raj, Saanjh, Kumar, Nishanka, Maadhav, Amal, and the rest of the crew and I don't want anymore. Didn't care for it.


      I am about to re-install CC 2014 on a newly formatted Mac and I'd like to just be able to install my software and simply get on with life. And work.


      So here is my question:

      I remember one time all my errors were supposedly caused by -- and yes, I'm serious about this one -- my language selection. I was foolish enough to have chosen the "English (North American)" option. Yes, I'm in Texas but even though I looked there was not an "English (Texan)" option so I went with the next logical choice. Wow, did't see that one coming.




      And more important, if yes, then WHY IS THERE AN "ENGLISH (NORTH AMERICAN)" OPTION TO BEGIN WITH? I can't see any Photoshop needing to be concerned with what I call a cookie, my British colleagues know as a biscuit. Does Illustrator really need a root level preference to determine between a "truck" or a "lorry". Has Dreamweaver become such a finely tuned program that it must know wether I left my things in the car's "trunk" or "boot"?


      On a serious note, this is madness. Adobe - stop it already.