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    Flash Player on MacBook Pro Retina...says it's installed and working but doesn't actually work




      So I've been trying to watch videos and complete online homework that requires me to use Flash. However, for some odd reason, Flash isn't working on my Mac. No matter which browser I use, or no matter how many times I uninstall and re-install Flash (I already scavenged through these help forums and did all the steps suggested) nothing seems to be working. I followed an install process I found on the help forums here and it said I should be able to view clouds moving in an image and I didn't see the clouds even though the same page said that I had Flash installed.


      I currently have a MacBook Pro with Retina OS X version 10.9.4 and I also am using Safari Version 7.0.6 (9537.78.2).


      Additionally, I've had several technicians on my school's campus see if they could resolve the issue but they are all equally stumped, so this is my last resort.