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    why does Adobe sendnow work and the newest and greatest Adobe Send does not work?

    HLower Level 1

      Why does Adobe sendnow work and the newest and greatest Adobe Send does not work? I wasted about 8 hours on trying to get Adobe Send to upload 269 files that amounted to 469MB. When it did not work I made a zip file and after a lot of wasted run time that did not work. The first situation gives little indication of when a file is loaded compared to Adobe SendNow. In both cases with Send it failed with a message like only the first 50 can be loaded. When I went and looked none of them had been loaded. With the zip file (I wanted to hide the individual files so they would not be counted) it appeared to work but very slowly and finally said it was done and I went and looked and it had done anything for oever 2 hours except a false "I'm runninng" indication.


      Thus, I took a chance with Adobe SendNow and it works great. It never gave me a limit on the amount of files nor on the size of the complete job. It shows me one file at a time when it has finished with the file uploading it. SendNow has never given me any problems.


      Why woiuld you want to change the program from SendNow to Send without the newest program being the best, fastest, user friendly program of the two? It just doesn't make sense to me. I suggest that Adobe keep SendNow working until Send is fixed. I would also suggest that SendNow and how it looks be kept, called Send, then modify Send one thing at a time until you get it to the point you need it to be for Acrobat. I have heard nothing good and now I have experienced it that Send is a piece of junk. I wasted most of my work day on giving Adobe the benefit of the doubt to find out I made a very bad decision to trust Adobe to make good decisions on the transfer of a function to another place .... both Adobe's responsibility.without making it painless for your customers that totally rely on you. Don't throw away customer confidence as it is very hard to get it back.