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    Load random content into loader component?

    Tim Kline
      As the subject suggests, I'm trying to load random content (regular old jpg's in this case) into a loader component.

      I have an old script I found around the web before, where I basically make a new keyframe on the main timeline with a loader component in each one and the file in the content path of the parameters part like normal and the script tells it to gotoAndStop on a random frame.

      But, this time, I have about 50 pics to randomize. I'm wondering if there's an easier way (more like a less tedious way) to do this where I don't have to make 50 keyframes and click all over to change the filename on each one.

      Is there any way to just have 1 loader component, and then an action script that says "here's a list of images, display a random one when we load the page and stop there"? I'm thinking there must be some way to do it with XML too to specify all the images, but I never worked with XML & flash together before

      So how can I do this? Anyone have any ideas? I'm not big on writing script stufff, so this one has be a little stumped even though I'm sure it's easier than I think. Any help would be greatly appreciated ;)