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    GPU Upgrade


      Hi guys,


      Long time reader, first time poster


      I've got a really cheap gpu at the moment (Radeon HD 5450) and wanting to upgrade. Here are my rig specs


      - i5 - 3470 3.2ghz - OC'd to 4ghz

      - Asus P8Z77-M motherboard

      - 2X4GB G Skill TridentX F3-2400C10-4GTX

      - PSU is an older one but I believe it can take the extra power (please confirm or advise how I can test)



      The load on the PSU is the above and also:

      4X2TB hdd and Edius NX card (which is useless now thanks to canopus for making it obsolete!


      Based on these specs, which GPU do you think is a good bang for the buck that's not overkill for my system? I'm editing with premiere cc 2014 and would like to be able to play demanding games also...


      So far I'm considering the Radeon R9 290 (without the X) but I don't know if it is overkill or if it will play nice OR I can get away with something cheaper ($440AUD) at the moment.


      I don't know which other info I should provide for now, feel free to ask

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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          I would suggest the 760GTX card. AMD wont perform as well as Nvidia with Premiere right now. The 760GTX will be more than enough for that system. You will also need 16GB of ram to really make use of the GPU upgrade.




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            Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The biggest improvement you could make with that system would be to upgrade the CPU to a hyper-threadable processor like possibly an i7-3770K,  That and memory and a moderate priced nVidia CPU would make all the difference in the world

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              JFPhoton Level 3

              ....unfortunately, its time to call HOSPICE and prepare for burial of your aged rig. FORTUNATELY, the new Haswell E is due out in the next few weeks.... this new CPU is going to bring many significant improvements with it, that will enable buyers to " future proof " their PC for AT LEAST six months !!! Faster quad channel memory, 6 or 8 core versions that can OC over 4GHZ, 10 onboard SATA III ports, etc. As Paul Revere yelled : " 4K is coming !!!...4K is coming !!!", Haswell E would be someting to think about...

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                Jackson_Row Level 1

                I think I agree with you Bill. The most visible bottle neck I can see is the CPU when editing, playback almost always uses 100% of the CPU. Though I don't know how much benefit a GPU upgrade will bring because I can't see the performance of the GPU and where it's suffering


                By the way I don't need to render much and I don't export at all. All I'm after here is real time playback.

                The footage is DSLR 1080 mainly. Editing multicam and somewhat heavy on filters.


                Should I upgrade the CPU and forget about the GPU for now?

                That would possibly mean I have to upgrade/change the motherboard if the CPU isn't 1155 socket


                I'm budget conscious

                Appreciate the help!


                Edit: Here's a list of Hyper-threaded CPU's which are 1155 sockets.

                ARK | Processor Feature Filter

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                  Jackson_Row Level 1

                  Scrap that.


                  I went ahead and bought a i7 4470K!! I found one for $300AUD which was a good price for an (open box)

                  Thanks Bill for making me spend more money on something I didn't think I needed


                  Now I'm on a hunt for a cheap motherboard that will allow me to OC this baby to at least 4.5Ghz

                  What do you guys think I can get away with?

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                    Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    There is no such processor as an i7 4470K.  Did you mean i7-4770K?  You need a Z97 chipset, here in the US, they start at $90 but you may want to figure out what other features you need.  If you want to overclock look at the Gaming boards or those specified for Overclocking.   Make sure you have a good power supply for overclocking.