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    Bleed & Margin Double Check


      Hi - I'm trying to set up a document for a magazine ad. Can someone tell me if I'm setting this thing up right in InDesign? Normally printers just tell me the bleed and margins...and I'm just confusing myself at this point.


      The ad specs are on the right and my document presets are on the left in the picture.


      Thank you so much in advance for the help!



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          Migintosh Level 4

          I think you're off by a bit, but it might be easier to switch your measurements over to picas to set it up (since they are giving you the specs in picas), and if you are more comfortable working in inches, you can switch it back afterward. You can adjust the settings of the document you already have set up, or you can start a new one, which ever you prefer.


          It looks like you have the document size set up correctly, but I'm not sure about the margins or the bleed. In the screenshot on the right, the copy area is 42x53. If you subtract that from the document size (trim) of 47x61, you get 5x8. If you need to center the copy area within the trim, you would take half of each value and apply it to the margins. In picas, half of 5 is 2p6 (2.5 picas are 2p6 because there are 12 points in a pica), and half of 8 is just 4, so your left and right margins would each be 2p6, and your top and bottom margins would each be 4p0.


          (SIDE NOTE: You can enter any unit of measure into a measurement field as long as you include the unit. If your measurement unit was set to inches instead of picas and you typed 2p6 into a measurement field, it would display as 0.4167, but that's a rounded number because ID only displays four decimal places. The size would be correct, but not if you did the inverse. What I mean is that if you typed what you thought was the correct number of 0.4167" while in pica mode, it would show as 2p6.002, because that extra 0.002 is the remainder of the rounded number. Whether that small amount makes a difference to your job I can't say, but you should be aware of it.)


          As for the bleed area, if you subtract the trim size of 47x61 from the bleed size of 55x70, you get 8x9, and half of that would give you bleed settings of 4p0 left and right and 4p6 top and bottom.

          Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 1.23.03 AM.png

          Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 1.23.12 AM.png

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            verymerryfrances Level 1

            Hooray! You are the best! Internet hugs to you!


            While I was waiting for help, I tried again and came up with:


            Page Size

            • Width - 7.833
            • Height - 10.167



            • Top/Bottom - .667
            • Inside/Outside - .4165



            • Top/Bottom - .75
            • Inside/Outside - .667


            I am so happy to see that it matches up inches to picas with your correct answer. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.