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    Updated DW CS6 and now I can't FTP to any site

    tonybabb Level 1

      Good morning,

      I have been using DW CS6 for a long time without problems accessing multiple sites with FTP. I just downloaded the latest DW CS6 update version 12.0 build 5861 and the update appeared to go OK. Now I find I'm unable to FTP to multiple sites, it fails with an error message "An FTP error occurred - cannot make connection to host". I contacted one of the hosts and their tech support said my params were correct and they were able to access my site using filezilla.


      I tried deleting my cache - no luck and also my configuration folder - same failure message. This happens on multiple sites with multiple hosts so I think the problem is with DW. Could anyone suggest how I can fix this?





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          tonybabb Level 1

          Thanks Ben,

          Nice to hear from you again.

          I reviewed the suggestions and have tried them all - I didn't delete the site from Site Manager but tried creating a new site with a different name and nothing worked. I also tried downloading filezilla and connecting using that and had a similar message


          Status: Connection attempt failed with "EACCES - Permission denied". So, two different programs can't connect to the site with FTP. DW also can't connect to several other sites hosted by two different firms.


          The site is hosted by GoDaddy so I went to the GoDaddy Control Panel and tried uploading a couple of files using their file manager and that worked. So it seems like the site is OK - GoDaddy tech support said they could connect using filezilla. Looks like the problem is in my PC somewhere as two programs can't connect using FTP. I have no idea where to look next. All I can think of is to uninstall DW then re-install from the original CD and not update it - ever as I'm pretty sure the update caused these problems. Do you have any other thoughts?


          If you'd like to try I can PM you the ftp info.

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            tonybabb Level 1

            I should add I also tried turning off the Windows Firewall (Win 7). No luck.

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              Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you've turned off all of your firewalls and still can't connect in either program, and GD is actually using YOUR current credentials to connect (I'm betting they aren't and they need to reset your ftp permissions), I would check for router/modem issues.


              If you are connecting via wifi, and you don't have an all in one wireless router/modem box, try connecting your machine directly to your modem, bypassing the wireless router and see if anything changes. If not bring a laptop to a different network and see if you can connect there.


              That will help rule out possible hardware issues on your local network anyway.

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                tonybabb Level 1

                Thanks Jon. You gave me a clue when you said turn off all firewalls, I had turned off Windows Firewall and read somewhere else that when you do this it turns off all firewalls - which isn't true. Anyway I checked my Norton Internet Security and found it has something called "Smart Firewall". In the NIS settings there's an option to reset the firewall and when I did this the problem was solved.


                Thanks again,