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    Spanning Columns, Messes TOC Order



      I have earlier posted a thread with my problem. See: Re: TOC Problem, Wrong Order, Connected/Unconnected Text Frame

      Now when the problem is tracked down (spanning of columns) I choose to create a new thread hoping that someone has encountered the same problem and has a possible solution. (Using CS 6)



      The problem:

      I have chapters (H1) with sub-chapters (H2). The text is flowing freely between the chapter text-frames, until a new chapter (H1) starts. The chapter title (H1) spans over all columns, defined in its paragraph style.


      When creating a TOC I have found that if a sub-chapter (H2) is above a new chapter (H1) the spanning column function messes up the TOC order. See chapter 1:4 in my example.

      Faulty Example.png

      The problem may be bypassed by doing one of the following things:

      • Disable the column span of H1. E.i the chapter heading in a single column messes up the original layout.
      • Connect all text frames. E.i, flow text thru all text-frames, may become a problem when rearing the chapter order.
      • Remove the text-frame connection of the text-frames….


      None of these solutions are sufficient. I have never during my 13 years with Indesign encountered such showstopper/bug.

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          Two things come to my mind seeing this:

          1) In the auto-numbering for the chapter titles, no matter if level 1 or level 2, do you use the same numbering list? Because then this should not happen. When creating the TOC, Indesign first searches for level 1 headlines, finding "Chapter 2" first on page and then, being in another text frame, it finds the two level 2 headlines of chapter 2 next. More or less logical, but still stupid.


          2) Connect the two text frames and this won't happen anymore, but you don't consider it as "sufficient". However, using the same numbering list for all headlines is the better solution.

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            oneoff_swe Level 1

            Thanks for your replay.


            The numbers is written text to make it easier to comprehend the example. These are not auto-generated.


            In the other thread I had got some response:

            "When the textframe flows from an even page number to an uneven page number the problem (like from page 2 to page 3) the TOC is incorrect.

            But when the textframe flows from an uneven page number to an even page number (like from page 3 to page 4) the TOC is correct."


            Which does not make any sense at all.

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Flow your text frames in the correct order and it won't happen.


              Re-order chapters by cutting and pasting, rather than dragging pages around.


              Keep all text frames in the right order and threaded correctly from page to page.

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                Doc Maik Level 4

                However, let's say you would use auto-numbering of chapters and subchapters, and they use the same numbering list, it wouldn't happen anymore.