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    Color Control?


      hii, I have a problem with effect "color control" on After Effects,

      I would change the color of the project immediately with this effect, but it does not work, when I use effect "fill" it works but only for one color... i need 2 colors...

      example; 2:31

      Animated Typeface Preview - Tutorial for Animated Typeface - YouTube

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Huh? Those are simply two completely separate layers. You obviously do not understand the tutorial and how the template it is meant to be used with is set up.



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            crystalxD Level 1

            I would like to create a model mine, like that but I do not understand how to separate the two colors and change them immediately with effect control color... even if the layers are separated with the video changes immediately not every single level, all at one time..

            when I put on the new layer effect "control color" I do not understand how to set up...with effect "fill" I can only change one... and the other remains the same, need change also other