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    CIDset purpose in PDF files



      embedded CID fontCould someone explain me a purpose of CIDset in PDF / PDF/A-1b files? What are the benefits/drawback if the information is not included. I am getting error from preflight tool shows "List of CIDs missing in CIDSet od embedded CIDFont". I´ve asked at different forum and I was forwarded here.


      Here is link to the topic: https://forums.adobe.com/message/6680776#6680776  


      Thank you

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          lrosenth Adobe Employee

          The purpose, as described in ISO 32000, is to declare which specific CIDs are present in a given CID-based font.


          Although standard PDF does not, PDF/A-1 requires that this be present and correct, which is why you receive this error.  Consult ISO19005-1 (PDF/A) for details