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    Missing content exporting from InDesign CC 2014 to Flash Pro CC 2014


      Dear all,


      to produce a larger number of similar animated swf's, I wanted to create all necessary text and graphic layers in InDesign CC 2014, then export as *.fla to Flash Pro CC 2014 for "bulk" animation.

      Finally it should then just be a case of selecting the correct layers and publishing.


      The problem: When exporting from InDesign to Flash, all layers are recognized but initially apart from the text layers they were shown as empty items without the content.

      Rescaling the placed images in InDesign to be no larger than the final document helped to now also have the images when opening the exported *.fla in Flash.


      I am still missing all other InDesign objects though, e.g. even a simple colored rectangular will not show in Flash.


      Any help to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated. Searching for it only brought up a couple of tutorials that do not seem to have this issue.


      Best regards