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    Student discount South Africa


      Notes from Customer           Your Case Number:0213558216

      @Thursday, 14 August 2014 15:14:51 o'clock BST

      Dear …….


      I find it very unfair that you treat your customers differently based on where they stay as

      You don’t offer South African students the same discount that you offer students in the US.


      When you try to purchase the creative cloud complete package for $19.99 a month signed in

      on a South African membership account it says


      “Creative cloud membership isn't currently offered in your country or region (South Africa),

      but if you like, we can notify you when it becomes available”


      Yet you can purchase creative cloud complete for individuals for $49.99 a month in South Africa?

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      1. 28.08.2014 (14 Days later)


      You have closed my case today and advised me to purchase Individual Creative Cloud

      (Non educational Creative Cloud) from Adobe website at $49.99 a month.


      How have you resolved my problem?

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          johnhawk666 Level 3

          Please note that this a user to user forum, and Adobe are less likely to heed anything you say here than if you contact them directly. Having said that, it seems weird that you can't get the student discount if the standard priced version is available there. It's probably just Adobe doing it's usual trick - as many large software sellers do - of pricing or making software available according to "local market structure" ie what it feels like charging or making available.

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            Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

            Dear *Trev*


            I am sorry that we don't currently offer student/teacher memberships in some countries, including South Africa.


            I will share your feedback with our Education team.


            Kind regards