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    error 16


      I am very disappointed in adobe  that after using premiere elements 3.0 and 7.0 and  now I have bought the 12 version that suppose to run in windows Xp I run in the problem  with a ERROR 16

      I can not find any joy in the internet to find out what I really have to do to get this program that I spend money on to work .

      computer spec:INTEL I7 32 Gb Ram I do have a special reason to stick to XP as I have a Matrox RT 2000 that works fine on this computer that does all my video work  but not the HD .

      Hope someone can help solve this issue .

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          Please check out the current thread of macadwd who is going through the Premiere Elements 12 "Error 16" issue, no solution in sight.

          My program says that I need to reinstall the program.


          Please see if any of the solutions explored by macadwd unsuccessful can work for you.


          Have you attempted to contact Adobe via its Adobe Chat about this matter?

          Contact Customer Care


          If you purchased from Adobe and are within 30 days of purchase, you can request your money back for the product.

          Contact Customer Care


          If you purchased the product from other than Adobe, you need to go back to your place of purchase and be governed by its return policy.


          We will look forward to your results.


          This is not Adobe. Rather user to user.