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    Listing The Database Objects Using Menu (combobox, list etc.)  With Flash Builder

    hissizadam Level 1


      i try to learning flash builder and developing a simple application.

      i have a database and it contain a id, eser, baslik area.

      id : standart id area.

      eser : contain a long text

      baslik : title of the eser

      you can see the database below (i add a long text area view (eser) second image)


      i added a combobox to my project. bind it (get all results) "baslik" coloumn in database

      and listing titles  in combobox.


      i want to learn. how can i listing a long text area (eser) in database, when i select a title (baslik)
      below the combobox.

      I asked an example for ComboBox. may be another type of menu.

      I'm trying to do this for a long time but just could list the titles in combobox.

      I will be a very very happy, if somebody can help me.

      love & respect & peace