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    Glossary Hotspot Wizard Run Amok

      Whenever I run the Glossary Hotspot Wizard, it replaces random occurrences of a specific word with the glossary definition text of random glossary terms. For example, it might replace the word "Element" with the text from the glossary definition from the glossary term "Location" -- it actually does an inline text replacement... so in the resulting HTML, instead of the word "Element", you'll see the full text definition of the glossary term "Location". It will do this for some words "Element" but not all... and it will substitute the text definition for random glossary terms... not always for the term "Location". So whenever I run the wizard, I then have to go back through all my topics and manually correct where it has messed up.

      I've looked in the True Code to see if there's anything weird lurking there, and there's nothing... just the text "Element". I've also tried copying/pasting (from WYSIWYG and from True Code) the text around "Element" from another topic (that did not get messed up)... but it still will end up getting messed up.