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    automate loading actions


      Is it possible to somehow automate loading a specific action set into photoshop so that an action set saved on a server can be loaded by an operator without having to know where the action is located? I was hoping to be able to create an action that deletes an action set and reloads it from the server so that the end user can update the actions in their photoshop without my having to go over and reload the actions manually.

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          The action a user has loaded is save into the users Photoshop Preferences.   IMO it would be difficult to automatically  maintain some action sets a users  uses for they may create their own actions and add them to different action sets.  If you are the only one allowed to modify some action set it may be possible for you to write a Photoshop start up script that if the server is available the script would search users Action Palette for your Action sets and delete any currently loaded ones then load the latest versions from the server.  The Problem is this will lengthen Photoshop start-up times and there may be network problems where the remote server is not available. A user could also leave Photoshop open for weeks at a time and not pick up update during that time.You also the have a problem maintaining the script for every user and a user can not use. Adobe does not officially support network resources.


          It can not be done in a action for Actions can no use the required logic. Conditional actions can only test for some document attributes can not test if an action set is loaded and delede it...