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    Unable to Save completed forms.




      I'm new to FormsCentral and have recently created a couple of forms. Within the form options I have enabled those submitting results to "Save" their forms. However I get an error attempting to Save. It should be noted this occurs on both "Test" forms and actually open forms. Please PM me for a link to the form.

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          I am encountering the exact same problem. I would appreciate a response on this issue.

          I tried Chatting with someone at Adobe and their only advice was to try re-creating the entire form (without any promise that that would solve the problem). Very frustrating.

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            EiAirport Level 1

            So after a fair amount of frustration I figured this puppy out on my lonesome. I am a network admin and so I prefer not to list myself as the contact for these forms. So what happened is that the "Response E-mails" were supposed to be generated from lets say HR@mail.org. Well this account was added as an Adobe FormsCentral account but had not yet been verified. So when they'd go to save this form, this somehow made the save function bomb out. When I went and verified the e-mail and made it legit, this caused the application to function as expected.


            Namely listing a Adobe FormsCentral non-registered e-mail (in this case HR@mail.org) in the "From" field causes this error from what I have found, after validating the account things functioned as intended.