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    Warning message makes reading output impossible (CS5)


      I'm using an older version of the flash development tools, CS5 and am developing a web application on a Windows 7 machine.


      Right now I'm using debugging tools to read logs when running on a browser due to the way the application communicates with the server.


      At certain parts of the program I receive the following warning message:


      WARNING: For content targeting Flash Player version 14 or higher, ExternalInterface escapes strings using JSON conventions. To maintain compatibility, content published to earlier Flash Player versions continues to use the legacy escaping behavior.


      The message is displayed 10-20 times every second, filling my output log and making it impossible to operate. Debugging using a browser is hard enough without this additional hinderance.


      I have yet to find any links post 2011 that so much as mention updating a way of publishing for versions of Flash above those the development tools allow. The highest listed in my publish settings is Flash 10.


      I wish to have this message suppressed, find whatever part of my program is causing it (it is a large program) and disable it or otherwise update my player so it deploys to the latest version of the player.


      Thank you for reading.