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    Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop is showing a blank screen at every launch (have tried multiple CleanerTool and OOBE-related methods)


      **Background:** My computer, installed with Windows 7 is 2 weeks old. Yesterday I installed Creative Cloud Desktop, Premiere Pro and After Effects on my computer and everything went *absolutely* smoothly, not a bump. I did about ten hours work using these programs. Later that night, when I was about to go to sleep I went to my room and pressed the power button on my PC thinking I had left it on (just my memory, it had no lights on or anything) but it started turning itself on. Being tired, I immediately pressed the button again (I'm fairly sure the interval wasn't long enough for it to start updating).


      This morning, I turn it on and Startup Repair appears, which recommends that I System Restore. So I do. It starts up fine this time, but said programs are gone and briefly I freak out about having lost all my work but the kind people in the reddit techsupport IRC chat here reminded stupid me of what I had forgotten, files stay in a System Restore.


      **Problem:** So, I go to reinstall Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop. First of all, it fails to initialises (I had to go into Safe Mode to find out exactly what the problem was) but I used the Cleaner Tool and it completed the install eventually. But, when I start up the program, it briefly shows the loading symbol before going to a *completely* white screen, nothing on it at all. I have since used the Cleaner Tool again after the program being quite adamant about not being uninstalled, restarted and reinstalled and still, same problem. Then I searched through https://forums.adobe.com/message/5553596#5553596 and performed every solution in there, including changing the name of the opm file, changing the name of the OOBE folder and deleting the OOBE folder (all while the Creative Cloud app is not running including all processes killed). I uninstalled using the Cleaner Tool and reinstalled in-between all of these attempted solutions.

      This has basically eaten up my workday so far.