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    Silently install McAfee, do you?


      Let me tell you something, Adobe. I am a developer that have worked with Flash and Flex frameworks for more than a decade. I have been a strong advocate for using SPA type apps, built with Flex in several organizations. I've pushed this over HTML5 as a technology and have succeeded.


      You lost me today. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY silently installs extra software and keeps me as a friend.


      MCAFE! You install some software silently during a flash update?! Are you *** serious? Today is the day I uninstall Flash, switch development to purely HTML5, and get this bloatware and security disaster off my computer.


      And please don't mention anything about a checkbox that I didn't see. I know about it. I didn't see it, I admit it. And you took advantage of that.


      F you, adobe. You lost and I now joining the other side and will help to get rid of this malware from the interwebscape.


      Thank you, drive through.