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    Dana Suleyman

      Hi All,


      Is there any way to insert copyright symbol or word into the document and when you want to print it do not print it on the paper but when someone try to copy the paper copyright symbol appear on that copy?


      * Using Normal Paper

      * Indesign (OR which program can do this)


      Thank you for your help.

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is ordinarily done with specially produced paper.




          You could add print that would not reliably reproduce on a copier, but I don't see how you could (with plain paper and toner) add text that would not show when printed, but then appear when copied.

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            Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

            Sounds like a void pantograph. This kind of security method is a printed screened background that appears as a simple area, but once copied will reveal a word like "VOID".  While not an easy task, you can create a void pantograph, but it would need to be done in Photoshop. The background is screened at one line frequency, with the other portion is screened at a different lpi.

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              Dana Suleyman Level 1

              Yes Jeffrey_Smith, you understood what I need, but the way you mentioned is unclear for me. How can I do it, tell me step by step if you know please.

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                Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

                Unless you have a printer that can produce various line screens, you will have to create a homemade void pantograph in photoshop. The most important aspect for this to work is the line screens between the background and the void mechanism needs to be different. In Photoshop you can convert grayscale art to bitmap and produce a halftone screen with desired angle, shape and frequency. Create a background at 20% black, and convert to bitmap. Do the same with the void text, make it 17% black and convert to bitmap with different frequency. Layer the two images. See the example below. I have exaggerated the amount of line screen in my sample to show the difference. You will need to experiment with the values of tint and frequency for an image that under normal viewing appears non-descript, but if examined under magnification or duplicated, VOID will appear.