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    swf8 in swf9

    jaco_graaff Level 1
      Hi - I use LocalConnection to communicate to a main swf8 as a way of loading and controling external flash8 swf's in flex....

      In my main flash8 swf I would have a variable: var global_mc:MovieClip -
      my swf file will see them as being in the _root or level0 when the file first loads - but then they start to get messed up with flex -
      i.e. - the file loaded will show up as
      fl8: 5. created _root.testMC10
      on a test - but when I call the global_mc variable again later it gives me: _level0.Presentations0.mainPanel.contentPane.HDividedBox6.VBox41.mainTabCanvas.contentPan e.mainTab.contentPane.VBox47.swfLoaderMain.FlexLoader171.instance186.testMC10
      as its reference - the problem is that I can still access properties like _x and _width, _name - but i cannot run functions on the MovieClip from within swf - i.e. global_mc.stop() and so on... Any solution????