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    Scroll Page/Parallax Effect Edge Animate


      Hello. I have been working on Edge Animation which play according to the page scroll.


      I have used EdgeCommons.js to play the animation when scroll but when I add the animation to the static website .HTML page it's not working according to the page scroll.

      It's targeting edge stage but I want to play to with the browser scroll.


      (function ($, Edge, compId) {
        var Composition = Edge.Composition,
        Symbol = Edge.Symbol;
        //Edge symbol: 'stage'
        (function (symbolName) {
        Symbol.bindElementAction(compId, symbolName, "document", "compositionReady", function (sym, e) {
        load: "http://cdn.edgecommons.org/an/1.1.2/js/min/EdgeCommons.js",
        callback: function () {
        //Edge binding end
        //Edge symbol end:'stage'
        //Edge symbol: 'Down-level'
        (function (symbolName) {})("Down-level");
        //Edge symbol end:'Down-level'
      })(jQuery, AdobeEdge, "steps_animation");


      in HTML file of the site that code is added