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    Adobe CC 2012 conversion

    macampbell_09 Level 1

      I dont have Cloud I have CS6, at my school we have CC 2014, most programs can still save down to CS6 or lower except, AE and Premiere they will only save down to CC 2012. Is there any way to get at least free trial download of AE CC 2012 so I can convert a file to CS6 for AE? Someone made a plug-in for Flash called Flannel that converts any FLA file CS6 and up to CS5. Does anyone know of an program that essentially an AE version of this? What is the point AE CC 2014 only being able to save down to CC 2012 only if most people on the cloud just upgraded for free, who would still have access to CC 2012?

      I cant get Cloud because I dont have internet at home, so I cant do the monthly verification thing, this my only option.