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    Can't Reach my Original Account



      I can not reach my original account at behance (Behance) which was linked to my email (rsm.ides@gmail.com), I created an adobe ID with this email recently and thought it would let me connect to my original behance account account, but it created another behance account (Behance)
      I want to remove this new account and link my Adobe ID (with rsm.ides@gmail.com email) to my original Behance Account (Behance) so I can upload my new projects.
      Please do something about it it's been weeks that i can't login to my good old original account

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          SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)



          Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Taking a look at your account, I see that you're located in Iran, which is an embargoed country, which is why you're having trouble logging in. Please get in touch with us here and we'll be able to provide more information: Behance Support & Forum : Submit a request for assistance


          Talk to you soon, thanks!

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            Rasam Level 1

            Thanks for answering
            I've reported this issue 3 times during last 3 months but all i got was "we're actively working on a fix", but clearly no one is working on a fix! and it's a bit wired because I created another account selecting Iran as location and my previous email as email with no problem. I'm disappointed of behance, many of my friends here in Iran have the same problem and left behance because of this.

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              SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Rasam - currently, if you're living in an embargoed country, you won't be able to use Behance. Are you currently living in Iran or have you moved from there? What is the other account you created? If you signed up with Iran as your Adobe ID country, you wouldn't have been able to complete the process. I will look into this if you send it over.



              The Behance Team

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                Rasam Level 1

                Currently I'm living in Iran.
                And I am able to use Behance perfectly well, with a new account! even while selecting Iran as adobe ID location. This is the new account I created: http://www.behance.net/rsmidese042

                the only problem is I can not reach my original account! (Behance) which is stupid because If I am not supposed to use Behance at all why a new account works well?
                Hope you don't deactivate this new account too:P
                It's a shame bacause I even have my behance account url on my business card and everywhere else, the account which is not available anymore...

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                  SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  Hi Rasam,


                  Looks like for that new account, you listed your location as "United Kingdom" (see attached) which goes for both your Behance and Adobe ID location. If this is not where you're actually located, please do not select this as your place of residence.


                  I'm going to re-open your ticket with us so that we can discuss this further and help you come to a resolution!



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