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    RH 11: Conditional build tags hang up Output Generation


      Generating WebHelp, HTML Help, and Responsive Help works fine if I do NOT select Conditional Build Expressions, but as soon as I select any condition, in any existing or new test SSL, for even one topic, the output generation goes along nicely, but hangs at the point of "Updating Files." It fails to proceed and I have to close RH. This happens for all outputs.


      • This began to happen two weeks ago, for no reason that I can discern.
      • The rhbuildtag.apj file seems to be fine.
      • I have 23 conditional build tags, but that shouldn't be the problem, because it always worked before.
      • This problem does NOT occur in my other RH projects


      I believe a file is corrupted, but don't know where to begin to look. It's a big project. Are there any tools for tracing hiccups in builds?


      (Re-constructing this project piece by piece is something I really don't want to do!!)


      Thank you!