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    Rotoscoping workflow advice


      Hello! I have been given the opportunity to do some freelance work doing rotoscope. I'm excited about this opportunity, but need to learn how to do the rotoscoping! I have been watching A LOT of tutorials to teach myself the basics. I do have a little background in AE- and took a class for it in college (CS3! lol)- I'm also a pretty quick learner, especially when I have a goal! All of that to say, because of the complex nature of roto, and the multitude of ways to do one thing (as most Adobe products boast) I would LOVE an idea of a workflow that one or more of you might use if you were in my situation. I'm also confused about the pros and cons of using the rotobrush tool in AE vs using mocha and if they can be used in tandem nicely or if you are suppose to use one or the other.

      Here's what I have to work with:

      - Using Adobe AE CC

      - I get a JPG sequence to work with

      - I am to deliver the image sequence back, as B&W masks


      Here's 3 frames/images of the 85 frame sequence that I was given. I am to roto out the man in the foreground, who does a cool ninja-y flippy thingy. I was told that if I can roto this dude out, I can do almost anything they will need in the future (cause this is difficult).

      316_049X004_0013.jpg 316_049X004_0039.jpg  316_049X004_0061.jpg


      If anyone is willing to give me their best guess at a workflow, I would truly appreciate it and I'd be happy to give more details, if needed. I expect to have to research different steps you may give and am happy to do so, you don't need to give me the basics of a step. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!