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    Would a CUDA video card help for video encoding?




      We have an app that drives AfterEffect programmatically via command line calling "aerender.exe -reuse ...." to frequently rendering short 30secs to 1 minute video clips using couple different source video fragments (in AVI format) that lay onto of a background stock video (in mp4). We already get it to a point where it does the rendering to the final mp4 in faster than real time. However, we still need to get it to render faster. Will a CUDA capable display card helps in this case?


      I have been googling that and it seems that CUDA only helps AfterEffect interactively, i.e. to get quick preview but not necessarily speeding up the final clip rendering.

      I also found this "GPU (CUDA, OpenGL) features in After Effects CS6 and After Effects CC | After Effects region of interest", and it seems that CS6 (the version we are using) aren't really utilizing GPUs for pure video processing.


      The Windows box doing the rendering is pretty beefy, it got 100g+ of RAM, 2 quad-core Xeon processors at 2.5ghz. I tried setting up a ram disk for AfterEffect but it only improve rendering time by 1 seconds. The only thing that is missing is a decent graphic card, currently it uses the on-board intel display I believe.


      I am completely new to AfterEffect, will appreciate anything that I can do to speed things up.