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    Adobe Flash and Firefox


      Every time I update Adobe Flash, I get an install issue or post_installation issue. I forget to export my firefox 31 browser tabs and groups. Now this seems like an unneeded thing to do. However, Adobe Flash installer likes to wipe out my tabs and groups in Firefox. There are several adware, bloatware, and malware I can name off the top of my head that has the courtesy to not wipe out my browser tabs and groups at install or uninstall and still pull up Firefox afterwards to display something to me. I consider Adobe an industry leader in the software they create, but for the life of me cannot understand this oversight. This time I remembered to set Internet Explorer as default before hand but to my astonishment still it opened up in Firefox wiping my browser tabs and groups.


      Is there a technical reason for this, if so, what? Or is this truly an oversight, if so, what is the email or web form I should start using to complain about this bug?

      To Mods, sorry if this is the wrong community, it seemed most appropriate.