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    C# DLL's




           I'm trying to use a C# DLL using "cfscript" , if I use local methods it works fine, but if I use methods the required a deferent endpoint

      coldfusion is not reading my configuration file.

      is there a specific directory I need to place, what do I have to do so coldfusion can read my configuration file?




          <compilation debug="true" targetFramework="3.5" />

          <httpRuntime targetFramework="3.5" />





              <binding name="BasicHttpBinding_OTA2010A.LocationService" maxBufferSize="99999999" maxReceivedMessageSize="99999999" />




            <endpoint address="http://ota.thrifty.com/OTA/2010A/LocationService.svc"

              binding="basicHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="BasicHttpBinding_OTA2010A.LocationService"

              contract="LocationService.OTA2010ALocationService" name="BasicHttpBinding_OTA2010A.LocationService" />