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    Using Adobe Forms and document will not convert to a PDF file


      I just purchased the Forms add on pack today and I was able to create a form with no trouble.  I would like to have the form downloaded as a PDF (which is an option in this package) and I keep getting and error message that says Adobe is unable to download the form at this time.  I tried opening and downloading the form on different computers at my work, all generating the same error message.  Is there an Adobe issue, or could this be a security feature that is not enabled on my highly blocked/monitored work computer that I have limited control over?  I can view the form as a link, embedded URL, and web form, just having so much difficulty getting it to open as a PDF, really the only way I want to use this program.  If this is a temporary problem, then I can wait until its resolved, however, if I can never open any forms I create as a PD, the package is useless to me.