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    Trouble printing to Canon printers with the PRISMAsync controller.

    Batman 39

      I've recently upgraded from InDesign CS6 to CC. I haven't had any issues with CS6 when printing to either of my printers. InDesign CC, however, is throwing all kinds of media and size errors on my PRISMAsync controllers! Below is a screen capture of what the print driver says when I go into the printing preferences:

      7010 Error.PNG

      On the controller side, it either says multiple media, or invalid media. Changing the media size in the driver sets the print size within InDesign to "Defined by Driver" and the size to the smallest the controller can see (which is something like 6x4). If I override the settings within InDesign, I get the errors again. However, if I set the driver to a preset page size twice in a row, the InDesign print window shows the correct size under "Defined by Driver" and the file seems to print. This is fine only if I'm using a standard page size, but I cannot print to custom sizes on either machine using the PRISMAsync controller!


      Anybody else have this issue, or perhaps a fix or workaround?


      I'm using InDesign CC 2014 on Windows 7 x64. The driver version for the C7010VPS is I've already tried reinstalling the print drivers and resetting all my print settings.