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    Placing images upright


      Hi everyone,


      I keep on stumbling on a very frustrating quirk with Indesign. Right now this is happening to me in CC and CS6.

      Is there an option that lets me place photos in upright position 100 percent of the time? Sometimes when I'm working with non-rectangular frames the photos

      will place themselves upside down or flipped/rotated somehow.


      Here's what I'm talking about.



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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The frame is upside down.

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            Migintosh Level 4

            You can rotate an image within a frame without having to rotate the frame. With the Selection tool (black arrow), double-click on the frame, and the image will be selected instead of the frame (it will show the handles of the image instead of the frame). Place the cursor near the corner, and the cursor will change to a double arrowhead with a curved connector, indicating you can rotate. If you hold the shift key, it will constrain the rotation to 45° turns, so you can rotate 180° easily, or you can type in a rotation amount in the rotation field at the top of the screen. There is also a Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical that you can use if you like, but make sure your image looks like you want instead of being a mirror version.