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    Edge Animate keeps CRASHING when I try to save project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jason_Link Level 1

      Dear Adobe,

      I am working on a fairly large interactive site within Edge Animate.


      I have a random - yet ever increasing problem now. Whenever I try to save the project it will crash.


      It is ridiculously frustrating and greatly affecting my productivity and workflow.


      Can someone from Adobe's staff please help resolve this matter.


      My Project:

      An interactive website created within Edge Animate for a client.

      8 chapter website that loads symbol (web page) from library into a parent container on the stage.

      I have a large number of symbols (or what I think is a large number)



      Continues to crash!!!!!

      Angry / sad face mixed with throwing, coffee cups and furniture (not really).


      Actions Tried:

      I have tried completely uninstalling Adobe Edge Animte CC 2014 and reinstalling it (preferences were removed when uninstalled) - problem remains.


      My System Specs:

      Mac Pro, 2013

      3Ghz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5

      32gb Memory

      OS X 10.9.4


      Please help.