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    WebView Images Download and click-to-call




      I builded an APP Using Flash-builder and the WebView of flash-builder with push-service.

      My Problem is:

      The WebView shows a mobile page. Click-to-call doesn`t work with the html-link <a href="tel.:99999999">

      So I can`t access the telephone-function of the iphone or android-mobile.


      Is there a way to "allow" the webview to transfer the call-function to the phone?


      2nd Problem: If I hold my finger on an image in safari I can easily download it. This also doesn`t work in the webview!


      We tried to access the images-folder of the iphone via javascript but we can`t get out of the webview of flash-builder.


      Any idea how I could solve this?


      thanks in advance!