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    Loader Component not working locally

      I am building a photo slideshow that loads external images into a loader component. I want to use the loader component because it automatically resizes and centers the images. This works perfectly when I serve the page on a website. However, when I try to just open the html page locally on my computer, the images won't load in the loader. They will load if I use a movie clip, but not with the loader component. My progress listener on the loader component doesn't ever get called when the file is local. I can't figure out what could be causing this. I would like my movie to work both locally and when it is served. Any ideas?
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          You have greater confidence in your coding than I do in mine. I would tend never to discover that it works online first and then doesn't work locally. I would find that it doesn't work locally and then never consider that it might, for some reason, work online! You might be onto something.

          The progress listener may not fire locally or if it does it might be only once because the loading is too quick from the local file system. Why your images don't load locally vs online (and yet they do if if you load them into a movie clip) I can't figure out based on the information you've given. All I can suggest is to double check that your Loader's contentPath is the correct relative filepath to the images locally (if they're a the same level as the swf, then just the filenames, otherwise subdir/image.jpg etc). Perhaps you didn't mirror locally what was set up on the server with a local images subdirectory?

          [I had forgotten about the loader automatically resizing and centering images...I did this work manually recently with my own code, lol.]