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    trim intersection circles at point of tangency in Illustrator CC

    Uncle Flamin Level 1

      i am building a logo which is essentially a circle with a road passing through the middle of it. Normally, i would use autocad to do this, i find it much faster an easier to use, however, i am learning how to use adobe products (in this case Illustrator) with my new CC subscription.


      I have used a number of intersection circles in order to generate the object, but am having problems trying to trim the unwanted interior circles at points of tangency. I want the dark outline to stay for the time being, as i intend to color the area inside the circle (excluding the road) orange.


      The blue object in the background is the original favicon that i am copying. It is a bitmap that i want to vectorise.



      I have worked out to get from the above to what is below...so am making progress. I simply didnt remember to box select all objects prior to attacking it with the "Shape Builder Tool". Now i need to figure out how to trim the unwanted arcs that are outside the colored area?

      TransportAuditingFavicon part 2.jpg