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    new window popup does not open on Windows

    JeffW. Level 1



      when I open an new window in a Premiere HTML5 extension on Mac, it works,

      but no window opens on Windows.


      newwindow = window.open('www.adobe.com','name','height=200,width=150');

      Trying to apply moveTo() or focus() after open() returns Cannot call ... method of undefined.


      I wonder what causes this, probably it just gets blocked. By Windows? Premiere on Windows? Chrome in the extension on Windows?


      Is there something I can do about this?

      I cannot open it in the default browser because ultimately the window popup is a Paypal popup

      opened by a webpage loaded in an iframe- which gives the same result as trying to open a window directly from within the extension as described above,




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          Zhihong Chen Level 1

          This is a known issue of CEP; we disabled these methods (with window.open() or <a href=url >) to open a new page. A work around is using API CSInterface.openURLInDefaultBrowser(url) to open it in system default browser. I am afraid that CEP does not provide other work around methods if openURLInDefaultBrowser() cannot suit your requirements.