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    Problems extracting Lightroom5_6 upgrade files after download




      I've just completed installing a LR5 upgrade from a DVD disc.


      After this, I downloaded the latest update which in this case was Lightroom 5.6.


      My problem is that I am now unable to extract the downloaded update files.


      I just get a message from the installer telling me that there is a problem extracting some files and to check that there is enough memory on my computer. The message also suggest to check that I am authourized to use the target folder for the extraction.


      I've reinstalled LR5, I've tryed downloading a new update folder several times, I've tryed extracting it in different folders.


      There is enough memory and my computer system meets the requirements. (I'am the administrator of course.)



      Anybody has a solution?


      Thanks in advance!




      PS below is an image of the message I get when trying to extract files (in swedish though).