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    Premiere Pro and After Effects Icons

    DA post prod Level 2

      Hello there,


      I've been working a lot between Ppro and AE recently, dealing with tons of .prproj and .aep projects.

      Both software have a very similar icon color, so it makes it difficult to tell which file is from AE, which one is from Ppro :


      Or worse :


      I'll post a feature request to ask if it would be possible in the next upgrade to change one of the icon. Those two software are very often used together, so it feels a bit strange their icons have the same color.


      Because I'm still finishing projects on CC and starting new projects on CC 2014, I'ms also having trouble between the CC and CC 2014 icon. They had changed a very little bit, but you really have to zoom in to see it :

      Ppro-CC and CC2014.jpgAE-CC and CC2014.jpg

      Would be a nice idea in the next release to make the new icon a bit more different, like it was in the old CS suite.


      Am I the only finding the two icons too much similar? I invite you to share your opinions!