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    [CC][AS] Unsuccessful PDF-Export of book-file




      With this post I would like to ask a question.


      I have a large number of book-files. Every bookfile contains multiple Indesign documents, refering to a missing plugin (the same plugin for all files).

      I would like to export all book files to PDF. My current script works fine for book-files which doesn't have the missing plugin warning, but fails on all book-files containing documents with missing plugin warnings.


      A small piece of my code

      tell application "Adobe InDesign CC"

          tell active book


                  export format PDF type to "MacHD:TEST:OUT:test.pdf" using "SheetCmyk_1v4_IND4" without showing options

              on error errMsg number errorNumber

                  -- export failed

              end try

          end tell

      end tell


      When handling a bookfile containg the documents with the missing plugin, no pdf-file is generated, and no error is thrown. When trying to export the book file to PDF manually, a error box is displayed notifying the user the file can't be exported due to missing plugins.


      When processing each Indesign document from the bookfile individually, exporting each file with the missing plugin to PDF, all works well. I am disabling user interacting while processing to prevent any warnings of missing plugins. But all PDf-files are perfect.


      Unfortunately, I can't install the missing plugin because no valid version is available for Indesign CC.


      Does anyone know how I can solve this issue? Is it possible to disable all warnings/errors when exporting a book file?